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One of the great problems with guesswork is that you can be led down some very blind alleys indeed. This commonly occurs when you guess what the problem is, rather than diagnose it, and then embark upon a solution. Every time you find yourself doing this think of Miriam. Find more about humourhumour

Join BAAG Now!

It took me the whole last night and few additional hours now to adapt WordPress for the need of BAAG party registration. You can now join the BAAG Party and see the list of its members. Thus, everything is now ready for the call to arms. Together we provide community with invaluable resources on how […]

BAAG is born

Today is Saturday, 16th of June 2007 and is the birthday of… (drum-roll please…) …BAAG – Battle Against Any Guess. This idea was sitting in my head for a while and finally materialized here. “Enough is enough” trigger was this Oracle-L thread followed by couple emails from Tanel Poder and David Kurtz. While replying to […]