Well, the guess-days might be just about over for SQL Server DBA’s. People who revolutionized Oracle performance tuning several years ago, are now working at SQL Server revolution.

Look what Anjo Kolk had to say about at the interview during Miracle SQL Server Open World 2008:

And here is Cary Millsap from the same event:

If you find a bit unusual how those interviews were done, check Cary Millsap’s blog (keyword – SlowTV).

If you look at the agenda of the Miracle SQL Server Open World 2008. You can see that Mario Broodbakker was one of the instructors of the “Stop Guessing” performance workshop. You might also know that about a year ago, Mario published couple very interesting articles.

Unfortunately, based on what I can conclude from Mario’s articles, SQL Server 2005 wait interface is implemented only on global database level and session level collection can only be achieved by a hack. I’m a bit disappointed that www.sqlinternals.com doesn’t seem to reflect an original content anymore (though it’s useful if you live in Old While Hill Stuarts Draft, VA). I would think that it could also be implemented with some debuggers but it probably not for production use either.

Anyway, it’s a good start and it seems that it’s only the beginning. Keep an eye on those guys!

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3 Responses to “SQL Server Performance Diagnostic — Still Guessing?”  

  1. 1 Gints Plivna

    Two comments:
    1. Some old content can be found in web archive here http://web.archive.org/web/*/www.sqlinternals.com
    2. How about new SQL Server 2008? It can be downloaded as something like beta from MS site. It is interesting are there any improvements there regarding this subject?

  2. 2 mario broodbakker

    Hmmm, it looks like my website is hijacked..
    Need to do some work here.

    I upgrade the sql2005 stuff until a very recent release, something SP2’ish.
    For, eh, legal/corporate(employer/business guest at MSFT) and so reasons I stopped this hacking work.

    In SQLServer 2008 there is still no dmv (v$ for Oracleites) view per session or so.
    But there is something really new and interesting that can present wait events: XEvents.
    With XEvents you can trace every wait ( and a lot of other events) and get extra context information when they happen.
    I presented on this subject on Miracle’s SQLServer Open World. An abstract for PASS2008
    was rejected last week 🙁 Probably everybody in the SQLServer world already knows
    so much about XEvents and Wait event based profiling..

    There is a simple-talk.com paper in the making…

  3. 3 mario broodbakker

    My site is back..

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