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16-Jun-07Alex Gorbachev
BAAG AdminI founded BAAG as I'm tired of seeing people trying to solve problems applying the guesswork principles. Worse yet, sometimes I catch myself doing the same unintentionally. I feel that society needs to be more educated about consequences of guessing. We need to spread the knowledge and bring the discipline into masses.
20-Jun-07Anjo Kolk
BAAG MemberI see many guesses that are wrong :)
21-Jun-07Nuno Souto
BAAG MemberSick and tired of seeing and hearing folks licking a finger and raising it up in the air to try and solve real life problems!
21-Jun-07Martin Chadderton
BAAG MemberThis seems like a great way of combatting the constant "let's do this because it's worked at previous sites and might make a difference here". No analysis at all about what the problem might be.
21-Jun-07Marco Gralike
BAAG MemberStriving for perfection (despite I am dba / human) is always a good thing (especially when one enjoins it ;-). So, sign me up !
21-Jun-07Carel-Jan Engel
BAAG MemberIt could work out, maybe, or not. We can keep the BAAA (Battle Against All Attempts) as an alternative if this doen't work.
21-Jun-07Niall Litchfield
BAAG AuthorGuesswork is the bane of professional troubleshooters. It is probably the most pernicious error in IT today, worse when it works - because it instills a false confidence in the solution and solver - than when it fails
21-Jun-07Andrew Clarke
BAAG MemberI don't know why I'm joining. I guess I'm hoping it's a Twelve Step programme...
21-Jun-07Dominic Delmolino
BAAG Member"No one answers my guesses... MAYBE I NEED TO GUESS LOUDER?" :-)
21-Jun-07Paul Vallee
BAAG MemberI have an idea. I won't tell you why I joined BAAG. And you can just guess. So guess away! But you can't ask whether you were right or not, you have to guess about that too. OK?
21-Jun-07Herod Thogreit
BAAG Memberthought the bandwagon was passing me by so jumped aboard ;)
21-Jun-07Alex Fatkulin
BAAG MemberThere should be a brother to BAAG. How about BASB - Battle Against Silver Bullets?
21-Jun-07Augusto Bott
BAAG MemberChallenge is what drives us. Foreseeing the future is a must. Before this future arrive, we gotta plan for it. When planning, never guess. This 'future' will eventually arrive, and you'd better have your good plans executed.
21-Jun-07Darrin Leboeuf
BAAG MemberI believe that intuition IS something for the toolbox... :)
21-Jun-07Edgar Chupit
BAAG Member
21-Jun-07Gints Plivna
BAAG MemberAlthough at least Alex should know that Russian phrase "zadom chujet" sometimes can work wonders ;) I'm joining this group because I've seen many cases when without exact calculation of the REAL reason problem won't be solved.
22-Jun-07Peter K
BAAG MemberI am playing "Following the Leader"...Tired of "silver bullets" guesses..."Hey, I set this undocumented feature "_fast" to "TRUE" in my last consulting gig and everything went faster. We should do the same here to resolve your slow-performance application."
22-Jun-07Giridhar Kodakalla
BAAG MemberI am interested in knowing more about oracle performance tuning without any guesses :)
22-Jun-07Pete Finnigan
BAAG MemberI don't like guesswork, i prefer calculated investigation backed up by a response that is planned and sure to succeed
22-Jun-07Jacco Landlust
BAAG MemberMy guess is as good as yours, but that's not why your calling me for help, is it now?
22-Jun-07bill thater
BAAG Memberbecause i can
23-Jun-07Simon Haslam
BAAG ContributorIn the 'old days' people often guessed because they didn't have easy access to the manuals. When was the last time you couldn't find the documentation online (Oracle, Cisco, your washing machine...)? There's no excuse for not doing your research now!
23-Jun-07Syed Jaffar Hussain
BAAG MemberAlex idea seems to be a nice one and also looks challenging.
24-Jun-07Christian Antognini
BAAG MemberI guess this is the right thing to do :-) (Every reference to Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing" is not casual.)
24-Jun-07Daniel Fink
BAAG MemberTo paraphrase Dave Ensor (at the recent Miracle Scotland DB Forum): "Winners know why they win."
25-Jun-07coskan gundogar
BAAG MemberAccording to me nothing on the internet is worthy without proof.
26-Jun-07Katrin Tödt
BAAG MemberAt last I am a member... and now I know for sure it is not only me who is battling!
27-Jun-07Dave Kragness
BAAG Memberbecause I just HATE people making guesses as to why a problem is occurring and then when they finally check with me, they are not even in the same universe as the problem!
27-Jun-07zach friese
BAAG MemberI try to think... but nothing happens!
27-Jun-07David Kurtz
BAAG MemberSay, rather, [we are coming] into the region where we balance probabilities and choose the most likely. It is the scientific use of the imagination, but we have always some material basis on which to start our speculation.
28-Jun-07Bob Maggio
BAAG MemberBecause I spend much of my time trying to take a methodical, applied and usually simple approach to a Magic Bullet searching world. Each case presents new challenges...and FUN!
28-Jun-07John Hurley
BAAG MemberI guess I just like the concept. No that's not right I feel like I need to swear of guessing maybe this is the first step of a 12 step program.
29-Jun-07Prashanth Jagannath
BAAG MemberThe abbreviation of BAAG (battleagainstanyguess) says it all :)
1-Jul-07Stephen Booth
BAAG MemberI dislike guessing
1-Jul-07John Kanagaraj
BAAG MemberI wanna add to the list of parties I belong to. The other party is BAARF, and some of the members of this party are members of BAARF too. Proud Member #18 of the BAARF party :)
1-Jul-07Wolfgang Breitling
BAAG Member
1-Jul-07Luis Fernando Cerri
BAAG MemberI've been working on Information Technology performance problems for the last 5 years. In this time, I've never seen guesswork find the root-cause of a problem. Experience showed me that diagnosis is faster, cheaper and much more efficient than guessing. Another important point: when you diagnosis, you know what is offending and how it offends. So, you can also estimate the gain of eliminating any of the offenders, establish the gain-effort correlation and focus where you get fast results.
1-Jul-07Chandra Pabba
BAAG MemberTo gain better understanding of realistic tuning and troubleshooting efforts,instead of the traditional guesswork.
2-Jul-07Estifan Panosian
BAAG MemberI would like to use any available tools to diagnose the issue instead of guess and guess and....
2-Jul-07Norman Dunbar
BAAG MemberBecause I read Alex thread entitled "Battle Against Any Guess" this very morning and found myself nodding in agreement all the way through. Now, if only I can put into practice ....
2-Jul-07Tony van Esch
BAAG MemberProfessionals don't use guesswork, only fact. Guesswork will lead to 'substandard' solutions.
2-Jul-07Kevin Taufner
BAAG MemberSurprisingly, no matter how skilled it seems you get, the basics can sometimes slip through the years of experience. This is a basic tenet which should be drilled into every professional's head... regardless of skill or background.
2-Jul-07Sol Beach
BAAG MemberGet away from Ready, Fire, Aim!
3-Jul-07Charles Schultz
BAAG MemberTo quote, "Why guess when you can know".
4-Jul-07Christian Graversen
BAAG MemberI work as a Business Relationship Manager at DSB. My passion is to get a better understanding of how IT can support and improve business. One way to do that is to make IT more accountable and professional. To me The BAAG Party is one way to achieve this.
5-Jul-07Frits Hoogland
BAAG MemberTypically, resolving problems requires to stop the already onsite engineers, and go step by step through all the layers and modules, which gets to the problem.
5-Jul-07Duncan Lawie
BAAG MemberClues fit together so much better when you aren't just guessing for a solution,
5-Jul-07Bas Stavenuiter
BAAG MemberIn my native language we have I saying which can be translated to something like "To measure is to know".
7-Jul-07August Spier
BAAG MemberBecause if I can't have talent, good looks, or winning personality, I'd damn well better be right
9-Jul-07Andrey KRIUSHIN
BAAG MemberI fill (Gints Plivna probably knows what I mean ;-)) that there is something irrational in guessing.
13-Jul-07Matt Turner
BAAG MemberTo join in the battle against the guess, and promote the rise of the methodologies.
17-Jul-07Gary Myers
BAAG MemberYou can test a hypothesis. A guess is just a guess.
17-Jul-07Philip Clark
BAAG MemberInterested in Oracle performance analysis.
17-Jul-07Jeremiah Wilton
BAAG MemberIf you interview ten DBA candidates, five will outline the guessing method when describing how they do their job. Four will outline the the "Try a Bunch of Stuff" (TABOS) method, which is a close relative of the guessing method. TABOS is actually worse than guessing, since what you try is not necessarily anything that in your experience it is likely to be the cause of any kind of problem. It is on the list of things to try that you read/heard once, so you try it. Only one candidate is likely to mention "wait events" at all. If ou are lucky.
18-Jul-07Fuad Arshad
BAAG MemberI do agree guessing should be eliminated and fact should be analyzed
19-Jul-07John Dixon
BAAG Memberhmmm...let me guess..
23-Jul-07Peter Gram
BAAG MemberI have for years advocated for : that all dba's should have the Oracle manual on any workstation/PC to stop them waisting time on guessing.
24-Jul-07Jakob Hammer-Jakobsen
BAAG Memberdon't waste time
26-Jul-07Peter McLarty
BAAG MemberI want to have better guesses
27-Jul-07Saibabu Devabhaktuni
BAAG MemberAll the scientific & technological developments human beings achieved so far were based on big guesses to start with, followed by experiments to prove (or disprove) it, and finally make it reproducible by arriving at the methodologies. It is that final phase of Oracle methodologies, i am most interested in.
27-Jul-07Paul Bennett
BAAG MemberAn untested guess is a dangerous thing.
30-Jul-07Mark Bobak
BAAG MemberI'm joining BAAG because I've seen way too many people answer questions with guesses and opinions, when often, it's simple and straightforward to test and prove the correct solution to a problem or question.
30-Jul-07Aman Sharma
BAAG Member(1)I am not so patient to wait for guesses to be applied and tested and then again applied and tested and it goes on. (2) There is always an answer to every why in Oracle,documented or undocumented, and I like to learn to give answers instead of guesses.
30-Jul-07E. V.
BAAG MemberI'm guessing it will be a fun group to join.
1-Aug-07soumabha ray
BAAG MemberTo enhance my knowledge , get some cool ideas
1-Aug-07Joel Patterson
BAAG MemberDBA about a dozen years.
2-Aug-07Jared Still
BAAG MemberIt's a natural as a member of BAARF.
9-Aug-07Robbert Wolters
BAAG MemberI've had experience with ppl asking too many questions without bothering to consult the appropriate manual. RTFM first I say!
13-Aug-07Asif Momen
BAAG MemberI hold OCP 10g Database and OCP 9i Forms Developer certifications. I have a total of 9 years experience in Oracle database and developer suite.
14-Aug-07ellis miller
BAAG MemberAyn Rand channeled.
14-Aug-07Tracy Grygiel
BAAG MemberLooks groovy
20-Aug-07lisia misinale
BAAG Membercause i want to
20-Aug-07Raji Ramachandran
BAAG MemberSounds interesting
27-Aug-07Dan Norris
BAAG MemberWhen I stopped guessing, I lost 35 pounds and saved a bunch of money on my car insurance, so it just made sense to join!
27-Aug-07Kathy Duret
BAAG MemberBecause it is
27-Aug-07Mark Brady
BAAG MemberBecause my current workplace is the Mothership of *Diagnosers of Oracle via Guesswork* (DOGs). As the only sentinel of reason and sanity, I've been ostracized from the pack.
28-Sep-07Frank Pettinato
BAAG MemberWhy not? If you are already a member of BAARF, this logically follows.
4-Oct-07Morgan Wigge
BAAG Memberbecause i like to know ;-)
12-Oct-07Paul Drake
BAAG MemberReading through trace files is more satisfying than using the magic 8 ball.
6-Nov-07Vladimir Sadilovskiy
BAAG MemberWhy? Maybe just to add an alternative point of view. Guesswork is a part of the evolution and a workhorse of discoveries. Guesswork is finding an answer almost subconsciously. Making that answer the ultimate *truth* is one of the enemy in BAAG.
4-Dec-07Eric Grancher
BAAG MemberStrangely some people with a scientific background tend to act in very un-scientific way for some of their behaviour, looking for performance included!
11-Dec-07robyn sands
BAAG Memberbecause knowledge beats black magic any day
13-Dec-07mobeen pardes
BAAG MemberI wan to work and help people all over the world
17-Dec-07Vikram Singh
BAAG MemberI strongly believe against guessing and only reasonable/scientific approach to an issue will lead towards light
17-Dec-07Michael Thomas
BAAG MemberJoining because I do not guess this is a good thing. Err...
19-Jan-08Ken Carlton
BAAG MemberSoftware is not magic, it does what its told to do. If its not working, find out what you are incorrectly telling it to do, don't guess.
17-Feb-08Dion Cho
BAAG MemberBAAG is technically cool
18-Feb-08David Taft
BAAG MemberGuessing hurts my brain. Ouch! There I go again. In all seriousness though, I know I can't make an informed decision about what I DON'T know. Careful analysis takes more up-front time and effort on my part, but it makes me a better DBA.
19-Feb-08Paul Baumgartel
BAAG MemberIt took me a while, but I'm honored to be in the company of so many distinguished members, and I subscribe completely to BAAG's purpose.
26-Feb-08Saad Khan
BAAG MemberOracle DBA involved in so many problem resolving issues. I had a habit to guess, but now I want to get away from it.
6-Mar-08David Crowson
BAAG Member25 yrs+ freelance Oracle DBA and technical hitman... Guessing is not an option.....
8-Mar-08Riyaj Shamsudeen
BAAG MemberI hate guess work.
13-Mar-08Cristian Cudizio
BAAG Memberi found your posts very interesting. I'm a sort of fun Oracle and performance tuning, in some ways i think your battle is right and it has to be our battle. I want to learn more about it.
26-Mar-08Doug Burns
BAAG AuthorBecause the BAAG CEO told me to! Only kidding ... because guessing is a disease that's difficult to rid yourself of, never mind anyone else.
26-Mar-08H.Tonguç Y?lmaz
BAAG MemberI hate "Question Authorities". Don’t buy any "guru’s" word easily, test it with your own case and make sure you are convinced of the results.
9-Apr-08Kenneth Naim
BAAG MemberJust last week, we had a conference call on performance issues in a product that is going live soon and after an hour and a half of random guesses instead of researching the issues. i just lost it and posed the guess that aliens kidnapped our server and replaced it with a commadore 64
29-Apr-08Dariusz Pola?ski
BAAG Memberbeacuse present is determined by future, not past
12-Jul-08Bjørn Dörr Jensen
BAAG Memberbecause this is the right way...
17-Jul-08Karl Arao
BAAG MemberBecause i want facts, numbers, and figures..
28-Jul-08Mladen Gogala
BAAG MemberI guess, therefore I am. I want to learn how to guess better.
15-Aug-08Michael Garfield Sørensen
BAAG MemberI just spent over a week guessing that "it" was not an Oracle-bug, when in fact "it" was... (time for a change)!
20-Aug-08Eric Evans
BAAG MemberI am on a non-stop crusade to wipe out guess work for performance optimization. I have practiced Method R now for a number of years and have not seen it fail me yet. I hate having meetings on how to solve performance problems using antidotal evidence (Hey, didn't Jim re-create all his indexes and got better performance? Why don't we do that here and see if it helps?). Please let me join in your Reindeer games.
7-Sep-08Mohammad Illiyaz
BAAG MemberBecause i also want to BATTLE AGAINST ANY GUESSES
22-Sep-08Ken Jordan
BAAG MemberSeeking THE truth!
27-Sep-08Martin Berger
BAAG MemberI travel on a sea of wild guesses, with some islands of educated guesses. Knowledge is the stars which help me traveling on these seas. I need more light!
22-Nov-08Daniel Morgan
BAAG MemberToo often a conclusion is simply the place where someone became tired of thinking: Then the "answer" becomes a guess, a prejudice, or a retreat to mythology. I prefer the application of synapses.
11-Feb-09Fairlie Rego
BAAG Memberbecoz I have had enuff
3-Mar-09Olivier NOEL
BAAG MemberHelp me in my daily struggle against Oracle
16-Mar-09Michael Erwin
BAAG MemberI like sharing what I know as actual fact vs. guessing as well.
18-Mar-09Randolf Geist
BAAG MemberI guess (!) it's time to join.
1-Apr-09Kevin Fries
BAAG MemberI guess it cannot make things worse, I've tried everything else and the Magic 8-Ball broke.
13-Apr-09Henrik Harsfort
BAAG Memberto guess is to not know.
24-Apr-09Paul Clare
BAAG MemberCreative problem solving is evolving into an art form.
15-May-09Robin East
BAAG MemberI spend my whole career BAAG. It's nice to know there are so many other people with the same viewpoint.
22-Jun-09Jackie Brock
BAAG MemberI'm always on the lookout for ways to improve my Oracle knowledge.
26-Jun-09Joseph Cross
BAAG MemberReferred from RAC SIG Oracle DBA Current Assignment: Logical DBA Supporting GM Global Sales Service and Marketing (GSSM) databases.
13-Jul-09Gary Colbran
BAAG MemberIn the course of learning more about oracle.
20-Jul-09Jakub Wartak
BAAG MemberBecause magic "8" ball run out of gasoline :)
21-Jul-09Ashok Nahar
BAAG MemberTo Learn more on Oracle Wait Events
29-Jul-09Ruslan Nadzey
BAAG MemberI like the idea. Knowledge is power, and guesswork is just lack of knowledge. The more you know, the less you guess.
11-Aug-09Sanjeev Mellacheruvu
BAAG MemberTo avoid guesswork and learn systematic approach to solve oracle performance issues
6-Oct-09Amardeep Sidhu
BAAG MemberIt is awesome to be able to "know" rather than guess ;)
17-Nov-09Alexis Gil
BAAG MemberI can relate...
25-Nov-09Shakir Sadikali
BAAG MemberI'm good at guessing, but not as good as when i don't.
11-Dec-09Peter Stalder
BAAG MemberSeveral things can be done to understand a system. So, why guess, if you can know?
23-Dec-09bas sundar
BAAG MemberI would like to learn Oracle performance tuning..
24-Dec-09Anandkumar Mahishawadagi
BAAG MemberAs I am Oracle DBA wants to learn new stuffs and similarly I can also share my knowledge with other people.
2-Jan-10Enrique Aviles
BAAG MemberSupport Alex's effort which makes complete sense to me. Why guess when you can know.
19-Jan-10Mikhail Veramchuk
BAAG MemberI read the book "Expert Oracle Practices" from Apress
19-Jan-10sameer hakim
BAAG MemberGennick is my friend.
19-Jan-10syed hakim
BAAG MemberWhy me ?
28-Jan-10Kevin Fries
BAAG MemberI'm a longtime admin on various systems (MVS, System 36 & 38, AS/400, Unix, Linux and (sigh) Windows), databases (Oracle, DB2, Microslop SQueaL Server) and applications (currently SAP).
29-Jan-10Layton Welborn
BAAG MemberI'm constantly fighting against those who are "old school" and insist on starting from a broad list of things it could be other than the database (based on their experience with [enter ancient version number here]), then denying everything until the very end. ;)
3-Feb-10Marcus Mönnig
BAAG MemberSeen too much guessing and feel forced to guess due to information not supplied from time to time...
3-Feb-10sunil mai
BAAG MemberAdd few more things to my library
10-Feb-10Emmanuel Casenas
BAAG MemberI would like to improve my skills on database administration as well as contribute my knowledge to the community
10-Feb-10chikh kamel
BAAG MemberLearn More about Oracle
11-Feb-10Sean Molloy
BAAG MemberIn agreement with the aims. Everything problem needs measurement and understanding
12-Feb-10Marcin Przepiorowski
BAAG MemberI like to KNOW It is related to almost every part of my life - I'm born as researcher
23-Feb-10Caleb Magloire
BAAG MemberFor Oracle troubleshooting knowledge.
26-Feb-10Enzo de Maio
BAAG MemberI like the idea behind the site, plus I admire the professional level of their main members
1-Mar-10Younus Siddiqui
BAAG MemberLearn systematic approach to resolving problems.
5-Mar-10David P Hendra
BAAG Memberneed to learn database performance a lot
5-Mar-10Craig Dickman
BAAG MemberOracle dba, still trying to master what I can.
16-Mar-10Ernesto Ghetti
BAAG MemberIf i have to choose between to guess and to understand i much prefer to understand
23-Mar-10Ronald Bradford
BAAG MemberI battle this every day. As a independent MySQL consultant and top contributor to Planet MySQL I have a lot of experience in this. Could you add my blog to your blog roll for MySQL please --
27-Mar-10jawahar natarajan
BAAG MemberLearn fro others mistake
30-Mar-10Kumar Ramalingam
BAAG MemberTo continue learning different forms of root cause analysis and eliminate any guessing that has been sticking in my mind. Currently working as a database administrator for mobile applications. My time is dedicated to performance tuning, troubleshooting and solving performance issues using Method-R
31-Mar-10Bruce McCartney
BAAG MemberJust found out about it, agree completely with mission and try to practice this approach as much as possible.
20-Apr-10Sandeep Bhatia
BAAG MemberNo prizes for guessing ;-) ....just want to adopt a methodology for the most important aspect of my job ....performance tuning
29-Apr-10Marlon Briguera
BAAG MemberTo share and learn about scientific approach to problem-solving in database systems
9-May-10Andy Klock
BAAG MemberIf you were asked to give the Answer to the Great Question of Live, the Universe and Everything, would you guess? Neither would I.
11-May-10Robin Moffatt
BAAG MemberDatawarehouse Specialist, interesting in Oracle BI and performance in particular
10-Jun-10sanjay k
BAAG MemberTo gain more knowledge from the experts.
28-Jun-10Martin Farber
BAAG MemberTo share information...
9-Jul-10Eric Jenkinson
BAAG MemberSeen too much time wasted and too many customers loose confidence as one guess that failed was soon followed by another guess.
11-Jul-10Imre Burnyóczki
BAAG MemberTo learn
25-Jul-10Jon Adams
BAAG MemberI want to stop guessing and start knowing
17-Aug-10Fahd Mirza
BAAG MemberBecause from experience I have come to know that methodical diagnosis is the key to the resolution of performance problem in databases. As we cannot prescribe medicine to humans merely upon hunch, we shouldn't apply solutions on database problems by guesswork.
24-Aug-10Sunil Choudhary
BAAG MemberAs a DBA i have my own situations where I have to guess or second guess solutions to problems. (especially Tuning) I would love to be more methodical in my approch (I heard Tanel Poder as a better kung foo chop here)
26-Aug-10Larry Wolfson
BAAG MemberToo much unnecessary guessing Need more checklists
7-Sep-10chirag shah
BAAG Memberit's all about databases
29-Sep-10Wil Stott
BAAG Memberafter starting to read 'Expert Oracle Practices: Oracle Database Administration from the Oak Table'
4-Oct-10Vihang Astik
BAAG MemberInspired from OakTable book
15-Oct-10renjith madhavan
BAAG MemberSolidarity towards battle against the Guess . Fight against common cause .
23-Oct-10Robert Ponder
BAAG MemberGood info and agree with principle
27-Oct-10Dani Rey
BAAG Member"I am not accustomed to saying anything with certainty after only one or two observations."—Andreas Vesalius (1546)
11-Nov-10fabio aneas
BAAG MemberI am a DBA. My favorite task is to help application to improve its performance. But I can't stand this question anymore: "Fabio - our performance is slower - can you please rebuild the indexes?". Without any proof that it will solve anything. I want to help myself and the world and to think in a better logic way.
26-Nov-10Jeff Jacobs
BAAG MemberConstantly running into guesswork.
30-Nov-10Gil Cota
BAAG Memberto battle any guess ....
8-Dec-10udayasimha theepireddy
BAAG MemberTo troubleshoot the problems in effective way
20-Dec-10augustine shin
BAAG Memberto konw more oracle performance tunning!!
21-Dec-10Govind Arumugam
BAAG MemberBecause guessing is easy.
30-Dec-10Steven Chan
BAAG MemberGuess-based decisions seems to be common in my working environment. I thought I was fighting a lonely battle ...
13-Jan-11Singer Wang
BAAG MemberI've seen enough DBA play guessing voodoo and fail to solve issues whereas a more rigorous approach would've seen the obvious issue.
BAAG MemberIt very good idea when facing trobleshooting problem/situation. Just finished read the book
6-Feb-11Asad Zaidi
BAAG Memberapproach the issues with reasons!
3-Mar-11Gaja Vaidyanatha
BAAG MemberI first BAARFed and I now I wanna get BAAGed...;)
12-Mar-11Gopal Mukkamala
BAAG MemberTrouble shooting. Guesswork is evil.
23-Mar-11Dirk Herzhauser
BAAG MemberDuring the last years experience more and more people in IT rely on guessing and best practices ,best of breed and so on and less time/money is spend on fighting the root causes which causes more and strange things happening.
27-Mar-11Raymond Allo
BAAG MemberBecause guessing takes no effort, wastes time and seldom rewards, where as education/investigation takes effort and time, but does reward.
2-Jun-11sudha goel
BAAG MemberI don't beleive in guesswork for solving a problem.
13-Jun-11Mark Backhouse
BAAG MemberIf something happens (and this is in life as well as with Oracle) I need to know why. Unknowns drive me insane...
1-Jul-11Ricardo Portilho Proni
BAAG MemberCan´t hear anymore abould Rebuilds, Hit Ratios, Fragmentation, etc. Time-based Tuning is the only wait to go.
7-Jul-11Simon Lai
BAAG Memberi am a DBA and want to stand against guess based troubleshooting and any myths regarding DB performance or best practice :)
29-Sep-11Alessandro Deledda
BAAG Memberbecause, although rarely, sometimes i guess
29-Sep-11Sankar Ghosh
BAAG Memberto create awareness among fellow Oracle DBAs and to make work environment a technically better one
22-Oct-11Raghavender Kandi
BAAG MemberI want to learn and understand more on performance tuning and remove the concept of guesswork from the work I do.
20-Nov-11francois gregoire
BAAG MemberDiscovered while reading expert oracle practices
21-Nov-11françois gregoire
BAAG Membercurious
8-Mar-12David Khan
BAAG MemberI feel aligned to the principles and ideals that has been communicated.
15-May-12Rafael Henchen
BAAG MemberBecause i don't believe in magic (yet, unless someone prove it to me) I prefer the scientific empiric approach and to see how the thinks really work. Although sometimes, unintentionally, i forget that.
26-May-12Daniel Baper
BAAG Memberbecause i'd like learn about DBs.
8-Aug-12Ajay Kumar GS
BAAG MemberTo understand how to deal with problems in a systematic approach.

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